Logo of Berlin against hate violence – emergency aid fund for affected people

Berlin against hate violence – emergency aid fund for affected people

Inhumane acts of violence occur almost every day in Berlin. In addition to the direct physical and psychological injuries, acts of violence are often accompanied by costs – for medical or psychological treatments, damaged objects or necessary safety measures. Having solidarity with those affected means not leaving people to bear these costs alone. The project ‘Berlin against hate violence’, with the sponsorship of the Amadeu Antonio institute, is an emergency aid fund for low-threshold, non-bureaucratic financial support for those affected by hate violence and threats motivated by abasement ideologies.
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  • Legal support fund (financial support)

    The funds for emergency aid offer: • Financial support of up to 1000 euros for each individual grant for those affected from Berlin • Anonymous telephone advice or advice via video conference • Personal advice at our contact point • Support in submitting an application We try our best to translate into all languages – including sign language. To this end, we work together with language mediators.
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    German, English, Bulgarian, Spanish, Romanian, French, Arabic, Farsi, Romani, Russian, Kurdish, Polish, Ukrainian, German sign language
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