To realise the Iniradar project, a new web application had to be created, which was then filled with content. In this process, costs arise at different points. Here is an overview of the things we are currently spending money on:

  • Translators
  • Support from an IT collective
  • Server and domain
  • Printing of info material
  • Donation for the space where we meet

The costs for the current version could be covered by small financial requests, solidarity events and private donations. However, many of the costs will keep coming back to us in the future, which is why recurring donations are important to us.

In addition, there are other functions that we would like to add, for the development of which we need additional money once. These include, for example, an interactive map, the linking of other collections and the export as a print file.

In order to keep the collection up to date in the long run, there is the consideration to compensate for the tedious and continuous work of checking the information. At the moment, however, there is not enough money for this and the concept for it needs to be further elaborated.