The political classifications are important terms, but extremely difficult to define. Ideally, there would be labels that define each classification with concrete criteria for support work.

We found only one such label, as a subheading of the Union Coop label for workers co-ops, and that was for 'grassroots organizing'. Regarding the other classifications, we tried to establish criteria ourselves based on self-descriptions of initiatives and various internet sources. These are far from perfect and should be understood more as assistance for classification than as objective labels.

Another difficulty that cannot be captured even with an objective label is the gap between intention and reality of the support practice. We do not want to deny the political stance of initiatives that strive for independent, critical practice, but that (currently) fail in reality to meet our 'criteria'. Sometimes compromises have to be made - e.g. in financing - in order to be able to build up a stable independent offer in the long run. This factor is and will probably remain self-assessment of the initiatives.